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Perth Precision has been a dependable source for high-quality, precision manufactured parts & products for more than a quarter century.

Our skilled tradesmen working on state-of-the-art CNC machinery guarantee that your job - be it a single part or an entire finsihed product - will be executed to the highest possible standards.

Browse the photos on the right to see some of the parts and products we manufacture. Click on any image to get a larger view.

rings rings detail
Scrolls Matching Keys & Scrolls
Gearbox Shafts Threaded Orifices
Complete Assemblies Complete Assemblies
2436 Lathe
Complete Assemblies Oneway Lathe, Fully Assembled
Flanges Lead Screws
Stems Inserts
Mounting Blocks Fittings
Plate Assemblies Studs
Rings Rings, 36.8cm (14.5 inch) Diameter
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